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Letter to Constituents

posted Jan 18, 2010, 12:08 PM by Gary Gavenus   [ updated Aug 17, 2010, 12:33 PM ]
I am a candidate for Superior Court Judge for the 24th Judicial District. As you are aware, there are two Superior Court positions up for election in November of 2010. I have put on my website a copy of my resume for your review in seeking your support and vote in the upcoming non-partisan election. 

Of the three current candidates for the two positions, I am the only candidate with experience in the prosecution of criminal cases. Half of the cases heard and judgments entered in the Superior Court concern criminal matters. 

I have been a prosecutor in the 24th Judicial district for the last seven years. In that capacity I have prosecuted cases in all five counties and have been the lead prosecutor responsible for the prosecution of all Superior Court Criminal cases in no less than two of the five counties comprising the District, having been assigned to Madison, Mitchell and Yancey Counties over this period. As the lead prosecutor in the counties to which I was and am assigned, I have been and remain solely responsible for the prosecution of such serious felonies as homicides, sexual assaults, serious assaults, arson, drug trafficking and drug offenses, breaking and enterings, and larcenies. I have vigilantly sought and obtained homicide convictions against drug dealers who have been responsible for the death of another through their drug sales; have consistently sought enhanced punishment for those criminals who have obtained Habitual Felon status and prosecuted Habitual Impaired Drivers. In addition to my Superior Court duties, I have also been responsible for the majority of district court cases for the counties to which I am assigned handling everything from misdemeanors to speeding tickets 

In addition to my experience as an assistant district attorney, I have twenty additional years of experience in all facets of Superior Court practice. I was a partner in the Avery County law firms of Hemphill & Gavenus for seventeen years, and the law firm of Wright & Gavenus for three years. My private practice included Civil and Criminal Litigation; Trials in District and Superior Courts; the practice of State and Local Government Law; Juvenile Law; Child Support Law; Education Law; Real Estate Law; Construction and Contract Law; Domestic Relations; and Estates/Trusts/Wills. As a private attorney I represented such Clients as the Town of Banner Elk, Avery Health Care System, Inc. (formerly Charles A. Cannon Jr. Memorial Hospital, Inc.) Avery County Partnership for Children (Smart Start), Avery County Department of Social Services; I was the IV D Child Support Enforcement attorney for Avery and Mitchell Counties; and was the attorney for Mayland Community College. 

My success as a prosecutor and private attorney has been the result of a tremendous amount of hard work and perseverance. My philosophy and objective is to be prepared always, with a firm grasp of the legal issues and the applicable law. I have an excellent working relationship with the court personnel and law enforcement agencies that I work with each and every day, and will continue to work with as your Superior Court Judge. 

Beyond my experience, I have the temperament and attributes necessary for the important position of Superior Court Judge. Throughout my career as a prosecutor and private attorney I have always strived to be honest, forthright, fair and courteous with all those I come in contact with, from the public to the judiciary and members of the bar. I assure you that I will bring each of these qualities to the bench. 

All judgments I render will be well reasoned and fair to all concerned including society. 

I sincerely appreciate your careful consideration of my candidacy. I would welcome the opportunity to meet with you and discuss my candidacy at your convenience.  Drop me a note through the contact page.