What counties are included in the 24th District?
The Twenty-fourth Judicial District is comprised of Avery, Madison, Mitchell, Watauga and Yancey counties.

Gary has lived in Watauga, Avery and Yancey counties and has both prosecuted and represented clients from all five counties that comprise the 24th District.
What is a superior court judge?

Superior Court Judges are attorneys who are elected for each district in non-partisan elections for eight-year terms. Regular superior court judges must reside in the district in which they are elected, but rotate from one district to another within their division. 

Special and emergency judges may also be assigned to particular judicial districts by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of North Carolina. The Senior Resident Superior Court Judge has the most seniority of the superior court judges in the district and is responsible for carrying out various administrative duties. 

The Superior Court has jurisdiction in both civil and criminal cases. Generally, civil cases involving more than $10,000 in money and a few special categories of cases, such as those involving appeals from administrative agencies and constitutional issues, are tried in Superior Court. In criminal cases, the Superior Court has exclusive jurisdiction over all felonies and over misdemeanors appealed from a conviction in District Court. 
How many judges are there in the 24th District?
Two judges are elected every 8 years.
 Which party are you representing?
The position of Superior Court Judge is non-partisan, meaning that it is not affiliated with a political party.
If I'm not registered, when do I need to register by?

Register by October 8, 2010 to be able to vote on November 2, 2010.

How do I find out where to register and vote?
Check out the North Carolina State Board of Elections website for more information or to register on-line.

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